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I am Charles B. Cross and I'm an author! I'm so happy you clicked on my link and ended up here!

Here's a little inside information about me!

What are my ambitions for my writing career?
-In my youth, I wanted the written word to unravel my true character to the world before it was too late. I was a wallflower who feared he would die without anyone knowing who he was, or any evidence that he even existed. Well, I grew out of my shell. I’m not a wallflower anymore. Now, I write for therapy, and simply because I cannot live without it in my life. My career is to relate with others. I want to prioritize our connections and shared experiences as human beings. 

What have I written?
-I published my first collection of poems, If I Settle Down… in 2015, after the loss of my grandmother. Pedestrian is my latest collection of poems and short stories inspired by my time spent on the Tweetsie. You can find them on Amazon, B&N and some used book stores in Northeast Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

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"What I find most compelling about Charles Cross's poetry is his profound relationship with words, his ability to stitch together exquisite images the way a talented quilter brings together pieces of fabric to create something endearing and warm, full of life and history. With his words, Cross plunges us into a world of coonhounds and bothersome flies, revolution, and a timeless sense of place in the Appalachian mountains. His poetic style is rooted in the classics in both form and content, yet Cross manages to breathe new energy into his dreams of Bacchus and gutterpunk, old farmhouses and pecan pie. The final piece, “Joyous Occasion,” hits beautifully hard against the deepest well of emotions in this collection. It is Cross’s homage to his grandmother that brings the reader back to ground, a kind of ineluctable melancholy that reminds us that good poetry always starts with the life experiences that strike deep into the soul."

-Michael Briggs, English Lecturer at East Tennessee State University

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